panic attacks treatment

What you eat has a direct effect on your body's chemistry. It's been known for decades that food affects mood. Certain foods and substances you ingest can create stress and anxiety / panic attacks, while others calm you down. You may not recognize how what you eat affects you, but there is a simple way to tune into these interactions (hamamori).

- Wean yourself off caffeine, but do it slowly. Gradually mix in a half cup of decaffeinated with half a cup of coffee. Slowly increase the decaffeinated coffee over a week or so until you are drinking decaffeinated coffee only.

- Avoid salting your food and use a natural salt substitute such as tamari, or use herbs such as basil and oregano or lemon to spice your food.

-Excessive sugar intake can also result in withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of these imbalances include anxiety, trembling, weakness or unsteadiness, light-headedness, irritability, and palpitations.


Meditation is the process of focusing your attention on one thing at a time, uncritically and totally. You can repeat a syllable, word, a group of words, aloud or silently. This is called mantra meditation. You can count your breaths aloud or silently. This is called breath-counting meditation. You can also gaze at an object without thinking about it in words. A small object is best, such as a candle, a piece of wood, a stone, or something else you think is appropriate.

Progressive relaxation

Progressive relaxation is a simple and effective method of systematic deep-muscle relaxation. It has been widely used for many years to counteract the effects of anxiety. It has been shown in a systematic research study to work very well for panic. Progressive relaxation places emphasis on a slow, disciplined development of muscle-tension awareness, providing a powerful weapon against stress symptoms.

Act As If

Role-playing practice can help you act the way you want in upcoming anxiety-provoking situations. Find a supportive partner and practice acting the way you wish you could be. You may surprise yourself and find something within that you never knew you had. Begin with the idea that you'll only make small changes, then try out your idea and pay attention to what happened when you tried to act differently. Remember, you don't have to perform perfectly, you're only practicing. Be brave and see what happens.

Special course

The last treatment for panic attacks is actually course I bought and I want to give you a little review.

Couple of months ago, when I was struggling with panic attacks I visited some of the forums to see what people were talking about. Along with a few different e-books, people were mostly talking about a product called Panic Away. So what’s exactly Panic Away?

It is e-book + video presentations and audio files:

- One-to-One Coaching Sessions

- Emergency Support Audio mp3

- Driving Anxiety mp3 (One of the most common situations where people experience high anxiety is while driving their car. The anxiety originates from a number of different fears.)

- Panic away presentations (The presentations run for 1 hour and 45 minutes and are accessed online. This unique way of learning is also perfect for people who want to jump in straight away and get results fast.)

Nothing I have come across is getting results like the Panic Away program. In a marketplace crowed with products and courses telling you they have the solution to your anxiety problem it is very hard to find something new that is truly unique and effective. Don’t get me wrong these can be very effective at reducing general anxiety levels but they do not go to the very heart of the matter.

I needed to develop a program that tackled the anxiety on two fronts:

1) The elimination of all panic Attacks.

2) and reduce the persons general anxiety (GAD) that causes the unwanted thoughts and everyday anxiety.

After reading book, I decided to try these techniques. Guess what? IT WORKED. It’s really a must have for people having anxious problems. Panic Away is designed to treat general anxiety and panic attacks. If your problem is in any way connected to this it will help you immediately overcome your problem. There is no complicated procedure to follow. I get through the entire course in a matter of hours.

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